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Captain Ever's Substation


Molly Schwartz


Dumbo Arts Festival




Molly Schwartz and I worked on this project for the ITP Fellow's Show at the Dumbo Arts Festival. We created the captain's wheel out of a combination of stacked CNCed plywood and Laser Cut wood. The base was made of 2 CNCed wooden circles and 1x2 slats. Finally the port hole was a CNCed plywood ring with wood shingles.

From the Artist: A ship's wheel sits in front of a large porthole window, filled with an animated scene of underwater mountains in subterranean low light. A rumble sounds in the distance. Spinning the wheel turns the landscape, revealing entrenched habitats, winged submarines, lantern boats, sea monsters and machinery intertwined. Everything moves in an unhurried manner, shimmering and flickering, trailing in the current. A farrago of characters, representing confidence, mischievousness, silence, fear, concentration. Messengers and rogues.