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Matt Swenson and Zevensuy Rodriguez




Monitor, Over head Camera with IR Filter, Controller: Camera, IR and White LED with Switch


Collager is a screen based interactive table that lets you compose collages from images you take from your surroundings and then stamp on the screen. It is designed by Zevensuy Rodriguez and Matt Swenson for kids at the NYU Langone Medical Center: The Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine Pediatric Department.

The system works in 2 parts: the controller and the the over head camera. The controller has a camera inside and a IR light. The controllers camera is used to take pictures of your surroundings. The IR light inside the ball is used to position and stamp the image on to the screen.

The interface is trying to maintain a easy and kid friendly approach. The use of primary colors is not only design choice, but is a palette for the drawing tool.