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Heraldic Crests for Invasive Species


Marina Zurkow


Bitforms Gallery, New York City


Plywood, Foam


Heraldic Crests for Invasive Species: Rudy Duck and North American Gray Squirrel were 2 frames commissioned by Marina Zurkow. The job started by Marina giving me a general shape for the frames. I then set to create the 3D Model. The 2 main challenges with this project was creating the frame so the art and the leather wrap would fit as snug as possible. The frame was wrapped by Laura Grant

The frame was CNCed out of multiple pieces of birch ply. We went with this approach to have maximum flexibility since we were not sure how the leather and the archival frame were going to come together.

One area that Marina wanted to focus on was to make sure the frames were not overly bulky. Once the first wood frame was built, we looked at different profiles to ensure the right look. Once she approved the profile, I milled the profile as one foam piece and glued it to the final frame.