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Inside Outhouse


Jenna Spevack




Wood, Pallet wood, tee nuts


Jenna is a NYC artist that was looking at building a modular structure that looked like an outhouse. Her goal was to create an emersive auditory experience. I started by designing the structure in CAD. The structure is composed of 4 walls, 4 covers for the corners, a roof, and floor. One goal that Jenna had for the project was to try to use as much recycled material as possible. While the structure is new material, the external cladding is made from pallet wood.

From the Artist: Inside Out House is a binaural audio installation in the form of a wooden outhouse, embedded with sounds recorded in woodland and quiet agricultural landscapes (gardens, fields, etc). Using simulated blindness to enhance the aural sense, the project explores the human need for “involuntary” or effortless attention and aims to mimic the restorative experience of being outside in nature using auditory stimuli. While in the darkened structure, viewers are invited to visualize their experience by creating a drawing, which they may then contribute to the installation.