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Recoil to Space


Zevensuy Rodriguez


Dumbo Arts Festival


Acrylic tube, Aluminum Flashing, Wood, 3D Printed Arm


RGB Superbrite LED, Servos, Projector, Arduino


Recoil is a light and projection pod that sits on the floor, looking at the space above. The pod opens a portal to an infinite space. From that infinity, the pod sends our thoughts, our data, and messages, hoping to receive a response. The portal contained a projector and 4 LED Cannons. An Arduino program controlled each cannon, that when triggered would shoot a beam of light into the sky or react to a return beam. A servo would move an acrylic tube and led to simulate a cannon. This was triggered by a Processing program, that once a beam of light was shot into the air or returned, it would simulate light leaving or returning. It was displayed at the 2012 ITP Residents Show at the Dumbo Arts Festival.