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Talismans for the Gila and Apache Forests


Marina Zurkow


516 ARTS and The Albuquerque Museum of Art and History




Marina and I worked on creating a light weight durable frame that will last. We started with three 1/2" MDF pieces that where machined down to hold the different laser cut pieces together. We joined the MDF pieces with a 1/2" plywood backing that added structure.

From the Artist: Map of the Blue Range Wolf Recovery Area, 4.4 million acres spanning the southern New Mexico/Arizona border. This map, a mosaic of laser cut and paint-treated pieces depicts the various players in the high desert ecosystem: ranchers, hunters, hippies, biologists using radio telemetry, SUV's and pick up trucks, lightning, cattle, Ponderosa pine, javelina, elk, deer, wolves, mountain lion, bears, Mimbres pottery hybrid creatures, mythological wolfmen, ravens, vultures, mice, and money.